A grand experiment

CHAPTER 34 // April 22, 2013

On the eve of may 4, a grand experiment will be conducted. The delegation from Yamarill are booked to perform for a crowd of more than a thousand strong. The setting is the beautiful old brewery Münchenbryggeriet, built in 1740.

The participants in this magnificent event will be able to join one of the Five Families of Yamarill and compete in a dance battle of epic proportions! Our experiment at the embassy last year, with one Nike Fuel Band and one participant was just a microscopic sample compared to this. This time we aim to engage the full crowd of 1000 to use their smartphones to track movement and visualize the Families collective kinetic live on the screen – and compete during recurring clashes.

To make this experiment possible we’ve enlisted a brilliant team of digital data strategists from Hyper Island.

Do you want to take part of this special evening? Tickets are on sale now.


The Five Families of Yamarill

Chapter 3: Tiesta
- science’s protectors, guardians of the holy geometry and interpreters of prisca sapietia – the eternal wisdom.

”The world is built upon mathematical laws, and only by interpreting the nature given constants can reality be remodeled. Mankind’s mission is to apply reason and light up every dark corner of superstition – and to subdue follies with the help of machines, logic and rationality.

Our family are the protectors of the innermost secrets of geometry, manifested in the old places of worship – Giza, Stonehenge and Tenochtitlan. De uninitiated, Le Sfumatos, have come far in their quest for the formula which binds together the forces of nature. But the lore of the peak stone’s beauty, it’s deep, geometrically perfect lines they have yet to find.

Prisca sapietia hides secrets, even from us. But we have found the deeper layers of knowledge – of transformation of matter into energy, the ability to revitalize dead flesh – and we will protect it from the uninitiated until the last Tiesta walks the green plains of Yamarill.”

Symbol: Tiesta’s symbol is a great, wise owl fused with a mechanized hand. (See fig. 5)