An intriguing specimen

CHAPTER 7 // September 8, 2007

It started with just a crude model of the creature, made out of pieces of scrap metal. But then we got hold of scriptures describing it in detail, and found it depicted in the foreign works of art. We realized what a truly revolutionary piece of science it was.

The structure and physical properties was unlike anything we’ve built.

This discovery will inspire generations of Yamarillians to come.


In the middle of the island a mountain range rises, formed during the Cambrian period. The mountains are old and flat. Rain and wind during millions of years have given them a rolling, flowing character. Far from the steep and rocky shapes of my childhood skiing trips in America, here green grass covers the mountains all the way to the peaks.

On the highest of these enormous hills, which actually is a more fitting description, looms what the Yamarillians call the guardian tower (Ark Tiesta in their language). I often asked questions about this building, since the flashing light it sends out can be seen at night from the capital.

Why this tower, and why this flashing light? I asked my friend Anchiano Amboise – the freethinker who was one of few to never question my presence in Yamarill. As usual, the old mystic just smiled at my question. He was often quiet, it kept me thinking.

Has Ark Tiesta something to do with the mists? I continued, revealing my speculation on why the nation can’t be localized without trismegulation (see chapter 3 for a description of this method). Is there a concentrated energy in the light that shines from the guardian tower, which makes the ocean act in a way the uninitiated (Le Sfumatos in their language) aren’t familiar with? Is Ark Tiesta what prevents Yamarill from being discovered?