CHAPTER 22 // April 7, 2012

Finally, we’ve arrived. Our diplomatic contacts in Stockholm, Sweden greeted us with the utmost respect and, naturally, with a great deal of curiosity.

We’ve been set up in a safe place just outside the city.

We will be here for a few weeks before we make contact with the public. We spend our time creating music, fine tuning our performance, and even adding new elements to it.

I guess what your scientists are saying is true. Changing environment is a great way to improve creativity.


I finally realized what it was that Anchiano Amboise meant I would find out on my own. I had already found my way to his nation through Corpus Hermeticum. Naturally, the secret of the guardian tower was mentioned in Hermes Trismegistos old scripture! I had cracked codes before, now I was doing it again.

Pen in hand, I let the ink flow over the vellum, the most delicate parchment. The grand in the little, I wrote, remember Filippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim. Remember Paracelsus, your precursor, one of the few who saw the entirety in the small. Allow me to quote:

“Theology begins with the light of mankind, allowing her to be clear-sighted and reach knowledge about, and insight into, the matters of nature.”

Light, I wrote in my journal. They have managed to capture light in the same way as Hermes Trismegistos described it in the greek manuscripts. And light, of this caliber, curves space. As long as the guardian tower sends its light out across the Atlantic Ocean, the Yamarillians will avoid visitors. Except the ones coming here the way I did, of course.

Again I was filled with a sense of calm. The connections were clear. How the knowledge of Trismegitos, which seemed so remarkable in the tradition of western society, made sense in Yamarill. How could we have forgotten this?, was my last thought before sleep took a hold of me.