Bingo Night

CHAPTER 36 // May 1, 2013

Back in Europe after their shows at Coachella and the Ultra main stage in Miami, the dutch duo Bingo Players flew north and joined us for Walpurgis in Uppsala.


The Five Families of Yamarill

Chapter 4: Cabrera

- preachers of the past and prophets of the future, rulers of the inverted arrow of time

”Without our knowledge, Yamarill falls. We have seen the shades of the future, and leave no stone unturned in the river of time. We are the temple builders, and we are intimately intertwined with the mystery of the undying flame. The world as we know it can only be understood through rite and catharsis. We possess the gift of deprivation.

From the outside, we might appear weak when we walk the earth of Yamarill, unassumingly clothed in black. We have no personal possessions, jealousy of the ego is the curse of mankind.

We are connected to the holy primordial that chose this people, the Yamarillians, when the world entered a dark age.

We foster the last shards of truth from the golden age. We’ve answered the riddle of time, but we do not proclaim, we do not preach to all. Only those, who without pride seek us, will we guide.

When the world fall, our sacred chambers will be the only safe havens.”

Symbol: The Cabrera family chose two solemn, entangled birds as their symbol. (See fig. 9)

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