Embassy inauguration

CHAPTER 27 // June 1, 2012

After months of diplomatic negotiations, we finally have an embassy in Stockholm, Sweden.

The inauguration at Birger Jarlsgatan was celebrated together with 100 trusted friends of the Nation of Yamarill.

Eric Schüldt, the author of last years controversial dystopia Framtiden, read extracts from Search And You Will Find, Wilfred Carters travelogue from Yamarill.

And of course we performed. Strobe lights, drums from the deep – and glorious live vocals. Curious?Listen to the live set here.

We also conducted a small scientific experiment. More on that later.


We were watched at all times. From far above, underneath the ceiling where the sounds flowed from a seemingly infinite mosaic of beautifully designed loudspeakers, they observed. The semelians – in our language: the ones who measure. In other words: the ones who examine and encapsulate, the ones who curiously study and carefully draw conclusions. Yamarill’s true and rightful rulers. The ones I later on would do all in my power to get close to, be influenced by. Not even the wise Anchiamo Amboise knew their depths. Their secrets.