Yamarill is a unique nation. For hundreds of years we’ve been isolated from the rest of the world. Our progress has been very different from yours. We’re no longer humans like you, we’re Yamarillians.

It’s been decided that this is the year when we once again set foot on your shores. It’s been decided that this is the year of diplomatic relations between Yamarill and the rest of the world.

We wish you no harm. We will share our progress with you, and we will learn from you.

We cannot, yet, grant visas to Yamarill. But we will let you get to know us, and our nation. We will let you follow our endeavors in your world, and you will – piece by piece – experience our world through the eyes of the only human who have set foot on our island since The Landfall. A travelogue was written, published, lost and forgotten. It was once a piece of your world, and therefore it’s rightfully yours to have once again.

We are very different from you, and the relation between us must build slowly. The merging of our science and technology with yours cannot happen overnight, but it is without a doubt our ultimate goal.

We have great hope.

Search and you will find
- my discovery of The Nation of Yamarill

by Wilfred Carter



I learned how to read at an early age. As a young boy I spent my time in the old library of my hometown, reading well into the evenings. I read because I had to, my curiosity was always insatiable.

I’ve been asked many times why I chose a career in the military. I used to say that it was just a coincidence. That I, like every other able bodied young man in the beginning of 1942, was drafted. The intelligence agency was in need of minds with an insatiable curiosity, and I filled a spot.

For the most part, that is true. Our homeland was under attack, and we wanted to do our duty. We had to fight, by any means necessary.

But this is just one part of the truth.

I’ve always loved my country, but I’ve loved the truth even more. The military was a way for me to get close to it.

I really just kept on doing what I had always done. I spent my time reading and thinking, but now at the heart of the American intelligence agency. They called me a code breaker, and well… that’s quite a fitting description for what I did. But no one could predict the kind of codes that would catch my interest.

What you’re reading now is a concentrate of my life. It’s a travelogue and a credo in which I profess to a view of history, science and our place on earth which at first glance might seem imaginative. But I hope that you, dear reader, in my manuscript will find the seed that has always grown within me. The seed is the truth. Only in the fertile soil of curiosity can it grow.

I have so many to thank, but I’ve been forced to stay quiet. When the great discovery was made, we were threatened by a third world war. I had to work in the shadows. I had to stay loyal to my organization and my country. I couldn’t tell everything then, I had to bide my time.

You are about to read about a discovery which I now describe in it’s entirety for the first time. I used to be surrounded by trusted friends, who loved the truth just as much as I do. Not afraid to have their view of the world shaken in it’s foundations. Most of them have passed, and I’ve decided to write this manuscript.

You could sum this discovery up in a few sentences. Everything boils down to the fact that I early in life, in my adolescence, realized that the history we’ve been taught cannot contain the whole truth. I found too many gaping holes and blind spots that neither my teachers in school nor the encyclopedias in the library could fill. The history of mankind consist of so many riddles, so many muddy legends that have been mixed up with real, but unexplainable events. I wanted to see past them.

To be perfectly clear. What I’m about to tell is not about anything unscientific, supernatural or metaphysical. My story is outmost concrete. I hope it will make your view of the world more comprehensible, not less. I think it will give you an insight that the world is graspable, not the opposite.

But the truth requires that you open your mind.

I found what so many others have been looking for. I found the lost nation, the island that can only be found by those who have gone astray. I found the missing piece of the puzzle.

And I was allowed to visit this place, I got to feel its solid ground beneath my feet.

This is my story of the journey to the nation of Yamarill.

Wilfred Carter

Colonel, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

April 29th 1979, Bakersfield, Kern County, California.