Serving technology

CHAPTER 38 // October 26, 2013

In the last couple of weeks we performed for two of Sweden’s greatest technology institutions – Spotify and the data section of The Royal Institute of Technology.

On the schedule for next week is a trip to London, where we’ll be performing at the top floor of the Millbank Tower – and then we return to Uppsala for Plick Night Sessions at Östgöta Nation.

(Thank you Edith Börjesson for the photos!)


The Five Families of Yamarill

Chapter 4: Kazbek

– military commanders, embodiment of the law, but with sworn allegiance to The Word. Leaders of the Sons of the Sword and Daughters of Punishment.

The great spirit needed an equal, wanted to see itself incarnated. We are one with the people of our genesis. The force that protects Yamarill when the fall is upon us. We worship the body, we exalt the beauty of battle and strength.

Yet we are faithfull. Our oath is engraved in the tree of life. We are the unflinching, the ones who will not fall. We do not speak, we act.

We are humble, but know that none with the blood of Kazbek can deny the longing for the hunt, the prey.

We would never cross The Word or The Wisdom. We are sworn to serve, to uphold the law and keep the peace that has held Yamarill together when other civilizations have fallen apart.

We were the sole survivors of Pangea and Axlos. We still stand. We will never fall.

Symbol: A roaring mechanized bear paired with a green bird. (See fig. 1)

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