Seven days, two battles

CHAPTER 37 // May 13, 2013

From one fantastic venue to another. First Münchenbryggeriet where we debuted The Grand Battle – a Yamarill dance battle concept by Edith Börjesson, Ellinore Funck, Christina Holmstoel and Daniel Beauchamp.

Seven days later we set up the experiment once again. This time in the magnificent Skeppsholmskyrkan, for the Stockholm Startup Hack afterparty.

Has this church ever seen such a ritual being performed? Just watch.



The Five Families of Yamarill

Chapter 1: Seshat

- protectors of sensuality, the holy ecstasy and the mysteries of wine. Devoted worshippers of freedom and advocates of the principles of lust.

He who covets regularity is a slave. Only he who laughs at life can win his freedom. Since we follow no master, we can’t be bound. Ancient promises does not affect us. We have but one role to play, and that is to spread the frightening joy that comes with the realization that the world was created for us to enjoy. When dark clouds loom we seek out a tranquil grove where we can let our souls be possessed by the oblivion that wine brings. We are the embodiments of freedom, unfaithful to all but our own lust.

Symbol: A sweet fruit, laid upon a beautiful pair of butterfly wings. (see fig. 12)