The manuscript

CHAPTER 1 // March 12, 2003

The outside world was never much of a concern to us. We knew we had evolved far ahead, and piece by piece, we lost interest in their petty conflicts and dysfunctional systems.

The memories of the other nations was fading, and even though we knew there was a debt we had to repay one day, we lost all faith.

But history can change in the blink of an eye. We learned of the Voynich manuscript, and suddenly – the outside world took hold of our minds.


Amboise scratched his beard and shook his head. No, dear friend, he said after a long silence. Like so many times before, your perspective of thought is too narrow. Let your thought go, and you will understand Tiesta’s secret.

I was awake late that night, contemplating. The sound from the Yamarillians and their helichons, whose iron paws clatter against the cobblestone, had died out. I was alone in my room with my thoughts.