Walpurgis Celebration

CHAPTER 35 // April 28, 2013

One year has passed since we first traveled to Uppsala and performed alongside DJ Chuckie in celebration of Walpurgis Night.

Tomorrow we’re heading up for one more show of equal caliber, and come wednesday, a part of the delegation will reprise last year’s performance at the great outdoors party at Triangeln.


The Five Families of Yamarill

Chapter 2: Voynich

- champions of the Word, founders of the academy of alchemy and poetic magic, masters of the primordial language

”God, this trite term, is just a paraphrase of the Word. We learned it during the time of the sacred temple, when Voynich’s flood first flowed through our veins. Upon this knowledge we built our Academy. We are of a gentle and forgiving kind, but our force is strong. We establish the law, explore the inner worlds and have the capability to transform the outside world with our imagination.

Magic, it was called in ancient times – a trivialisation of our heritage. The creation is words, and our lives are embodiments of the primeval thought – which the uninitiated call God.

We never surrender to decadence, we do not enjoy material greatness. We know that the only true reality is the inner and that the fiercest warrior can be bound by words. That is why we rule from the shadows, carefully creating the myth of Yamarill’s origin with our whispers.”

Symbol: The Voynich symbol fuse twin seahorses with elements of insects, and is dominated by a large compass. (See fig. 7)